Christopher Nolan's epic action thriller DUNKIRK has been nominated for eight BAFTA film awards, please see below quotes from the filmmaker’s regarding the films nominations:

Emma Thomas – Producer: “Dunkirk was a passion project for us 20 years in the making, and we feel enormously grateful just to have been given the opportunity to make it. The incredible response of audiences to the film both in the UK and worldwide has been massively gratifying to us, and this honour from Bafta is the icing on the cake.”

Scott Fisher – Special Visual Effects: “So proud of our entire Dunkirk team, everyone involved embraced the Dunkirk spirit from start to finish”

Hans Zimmer – Original Music: “Thank you so much to the British Film Academy for this honor. This score is as much Chris Nolan’s work as it is mine. He set out to make a bold, experimental movie in which the visuals and the sound merged into one unified experience. There was never a moment I didn’t feel Chris’ collaborative spirit in the room. This is his film.”

Richard King – Sound: “I’m beyond thrilled at our nomination. It was an honor to participate in telling this important and inspiring story”

Gary A. Rizzo – Sound: “Each day mixing DUNKIRK, we could not help but to be overtaken by the intense emotions and valor within the historical material. For this mix to be recognized by BAFTA is truly humbling and honorable.”

Hoyte van Hoytema – Cinematographer: "I feel very lucky to have given the opportunity to photograph such a pivotal piece of British history and Bafta’s acknowledgement leaves me filled with warm feelings of pride and fellowship. Thank you BAFTA!”

Lee Smith – Editor: “Absolutely thrilled to receive a BAFTA nomination, didn’t sleep much last night still buzzing...”

Nathan Crowley – Production Designer: “It's a great honor to be nominated for a Bafta especially for "Dunkirk"”


- Best Film
- Best Director
- Best Original Music
- Best Special Visual Effects
- Best Cinematography
- Best Editing
- Best Production Design
- Best Sound

“Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. The story unfolds on land, sea and air. RAF Spitfires engage the enemy in the skies above the Channel, trying to protect the defenseless men below. Meanwhile, hundreds of small boats manned by both military and civilians are mounting a desperate rescue effort, risking their lives in a race against time to save even a fraction of their army.