Natalie Portman has teamed up with Bob Dylan's son Jesse to shoot a tribute video to animal rights icon Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Both have cited the late Nobel Prize-winning author as a major influence, as has Moby, who provides the music for the new film, which salutes People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's (PETA) new Social Justice & Animal Rights Icon.

"Decades ago, one man articulated the plight of animals so boldly that the modern world couldn't ignore him," Portman says in the new video.

"The heroes in his novels championed women's issues, gay marriage, and especially animal rights decades before PETA pushed the cause into the mainstream."

The new video is available to watch at

Meanwhile, fellow animal rights activist Sir Paul McCartney urged Polish politicians to honour the late writer as he prepared for a concert in Krakow on what would have been Singer's birthday (21Nov18).

The former Beatle's request was granted in a public declaration read aloud in parliament.

Singer, who died in 1991, once wrote in the foreword to a book: "What gives a man the right to kill an animal, often torture it, so that he can fill his belly with its flesh?

"We know now, as we have always known instinctively, that animals can suffer as much as human beings. Their emotions and their sensitivity are often stronger than those of a human being."