Actresses Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham have formed a strong bond over the constant criticism they have each received from social media trolls.

The Trainwreck star previously grew close to Lena after they both confessed to hating every minute of attending the 2016 Met Gala in New York City in a candid chat for the Girls creator's now-defunct Lenny Letter, and in a new article for The New York Times, the ladies reveal their friendship really came together after realizing how much they were despised by members of the public.

"It's a pretty specific experience," Lena explained of their shared experiences as larger women in the public eye.

"Most people don't know what it's like to open social media in the morning and hear you are physically, socially and politically worthless."

The 32 year old claimed Amy appeared to be better built to handle the frequent backlash: "She's titanium, and part of her skill is the ability to make it look easy," Lena said.

However, Amy, who is currently pregnant with her first child, admits she can only brush off so much of the online hate, and it took an encouraging conversation with fellow comic Dave Chappelle to make her regain her self-confidence.

"I was kind of retreating a bit in general after years of getting beaten down...," she confessed.

"(But) Chappelle was like: 'There's a lot of love out there for you, Amy. I don't know why, but I heard it.'"

Even though Schumer still fields nasty comments online, she hasn't lost her sense of humor, even as she battles hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of severe morning sickness, throughout her pregnancy.

She recently poked fun at herself while recreating the famous slow-motion running scenes from TV series Baywatch for a hilarious video post while on vacation in January (19).

"I puke anything I eat up until 4pm. But then I'm like...#baywatch #eyecandy," she captioned the funny clip.

The baby will be her first with husband Chris Fischer.