Charlie Hunnam has labelled the debate surrounding Netflix films being considered for Oscars glory “unfounded fear”.

English actor Hunnam’s latest project is Netflix flick Triple Frontier, which co-stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal.

And asked his views on the Netflix/ Oscars argument, which has seen Steven Spielberg campaign to get Academy officials to block films made for streaming services, Hunnam predictably voiced his support for the media company.

“My view is yes they should (be eligible) because my experience of making these films is that the aspiration and the work done to create them, to make them, is no different,” he told the Press Association (PA). “But I understand, people have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo if they are on that side of this debate, so I understand why people are quite vocal about it.

“I think it’s fear and whenever you’re in a massively competitive industry there is an element of fear involved in it always but I think it’s unfounded fear.”

The debate was stirred after Alfonso Cuaron’s Netflix-made drama Roma was one of the big winners during awards season.

Kathy Bates recently threw her weight behind Spielberg’s stance, with Kevin Costner also revealing he’s a big fan of theatre releases when it comes to awards recognition.

Continuing his chat with PA, Hunnam added: “I think that the perception of the argument that can be made is that the streaming platforms are going to provide the death blow to the theatrical experience and I personally don’t think that is the case and I don’t think that so far there is any evidence that suggests that is occurring.

“Box office revenues continue to be robust and so I think it is a fear, I just don’t know how founded it is.”

Triple Frontier is available to stream now.