Jodie Comer was thrown when she was met by autograph hunters at the airport at four in the morning.

The 26-year-old British actress has gone from relative unknown to household name thanks to her role as assassin Villanelle in hit show Killing Eve.

But while she's enjoying the majority of aspects of her success, there's one part Jodie is finding it harder to come to terms with.

"A couple of weeks ago, I was going to New York and when I got out of the car at the airport at four in the morning there was a bunch of strange men waiting for me to sign autographs. It really threw me because it was the first time I’d had anything like that," Jodie explained in an interview with singer Lily Allen for Stylist magazine.

"People think that, oh you knew what you were signing up for when you got into acting, but things like that are totally different. It is a very weird world that we’re living in now, isn’t it? I mean it does feel like there’s a transitional period with fame and influencers and social media."

Jodie's success means she's also become well known Stateside - which has led to regular trips to Los Angeles.

But the blonde star isn't a fan of Tinseltown, and laughed: "Something bad always happens when I’m in LA. I’ve had bed bugs, I had to get all my wisdom teeth removed in the middle of a press tour... So I feel that in LA there’s a big finger in the sky going, ‘Leave!’"

The screen star also struggles with homesickness when she's abroad. Asked by Lily what she misses most when she's away from home, Jodie replied: "My family and a good cup of Yorkshire tea!"