Anne Hathaway has learned how to chill out and let domestic chores slide during lockdown with her family.

The actress realised she was a little uptight about mess and untidiness and needed to put feeding her family first.
Appearing on Live With Kelly & Ryan via Zoom in a pair of monogrammed pyjamas, The Witches star shared: "I would be on set with a food and wine magazine dreaming about making, like, a dish that would take three days to marinate... and during lockdown I was like, 'Well, I've gotta learn how to churn out three meals a day for people a lot more quickly'."

Explaining that the pandemic has taught her valuable lessons about what matters, she went on: "I really had to get a lot more casual about things - the laundry didn't get done every day, the floors didn't get washed or vacuumed every day... I just chilled out a little bit."

Adding: "We have this brand of frozen pizza that we love and that was our saving grace this year," Hathaway grinned as she refused to reveal the name of the product.

"Right now it's our little secret in the freezer aisle and if I say it I won't be able to get it any more!" she joked.