This follow-up to Sweeney! once again sees the return of DI Regan and DS Carter to the big screen – this time chasing a ruthless gang of dangerous bank robbers though as per usual, there’s more to the story than just bullets.

Just before bent Superintendent Jupp (Denholm Elliott) goes down for allegations of corruption he entrusts DI Regan (John Thaw) and DS Carter (Dennis Waterman) with bringing down a highly dangerous gang of bank robbers - so violent they not only kill everyone and anything in their way but have no qualms killing their own injured members too, just so they can’t testify against the remaining gang. It’s utter havoc from the go as, after a robbery, a wild car chase across London leaves several dead and wounded, including a young female bank clerk taken hostage in a getaway car. Arriving on scene, Regan remarks: “I’ve never seen so many dead people”.

Soon, the investigation leads our detectives to the address of a youngish man called Gorran (Lewis Fiander) who, judging by the paraphernalia on display, has a fondness for Hitler and all things Nazi. His female companion is later seen in a video shown at the Flying Squad headquarters, performing a striptease on certain car though I won’t give away the connection between the video and the actual case.
As the robberies continue more violent than ever and the kidnapped bank clerk from the beginning has sadly succumbed to her injuries, Regan doesn’t have much that might offer a clue. Eventually though a connection between gold-plated Purdey shotguns and the robberies is established. After increasing mayhem and ever more daring robberies (check out those jaw-dropping car chases!) both Regan and Carter find themselves on the sunny island of Malta in pursuit of the culprits – including a particularly nasty specimen named Mr. Hill (Ken Hutchison) and his leading lady (Anna Gael). But will Regan and Carter succeed in their mission or will they have to return to Ole Blighty empty-handed? The showdown back in London is a nail-biter for sure!

A great supporting cast including Derrick O’Connor (as Llewelyn) and Frederick Treves (McKyle) contribute to this action-packed flick though there’s some humour too, foremost when Regan’s latest conquest enters his flat… only to find him asleep after too much drink. Her revenge is bittersweet: she places Regan’s spare key in his undies before departing. Another on-going joke is Regan’s somewhat intolerant attitude towards a vegetarian colleague whom he constantly belittles: “Here in the Sweeney department I like to see burgers, sausage rolls, Mars bars and wine gums on the table – understood?” Blimey! With so much junk food around one must wonder how the Sweeneys manage to stay fit enough to chase gangsters in the first place! As for the final scene, witness Regan dancing to the tune of an Irish jig in the local waterhole. Sláinte!