A dead man (Jeremy Childs) coming back to life in a hospital after an apparent suicide triggers two investigations in this intriguing and thoughtful horror.

When the body goes missing the investigation by medical examiner Edward Graham (Bill Feehey) takes him to a multitude of locations that slowly leads him to put the pieces together. At the same time a John Doe turns up a psychiatric unit not having any idea who he is and is taken in by sympathetic psychiatrist Daniel Forrester (Shane Carruth) much to the chagrin of his boss Sarah Grey (Poorna Jagannathan). John Doe slowly starts to recall his past, at the same time as a number of mysterious deaths occur in the hospital.

The investigations play out separately pretty much until the last act when it may have served the story better to have joined them earlier on as there’s a bluntness about this separation that dries the flow of the film.

Nevertheless, Billy Senese’s film works on a deeper level as he tackles the challenges of mental illness and grafting them with the supernatural, which in the not too distant past and even today are conflated for nefarious purposes. To his great credit it doesn’t feel or look hokey as the scenes within the hospital ward are sensitively done.

There’s not much in the way of characterisation but you do get to like and trust the players which adds to the tension and the shocks later on. And that’s some credit to the sympathetic acting of the cast.