Regina Hall plays as older Jordan, a woman who is a self made business woman in the technology field and takes-no-prisoners. Issa Rae plays as her assistant, April. A hopeful person looking to break into the industry but being ground down by her boss. When Jordan is magically transforms into a 13-year-old version of herself, with the geeks and hair freaks that brings. Jordan now has to rely on April for more, while also going to school and living a life she left some 20 years back. April is willing to help but on a few things she wants some more control and stop being such an attitude problem.

Its not without some nostalgia for a Tom Hanks, Peny Marshall vehicle that I found myself (along with my wife) at the screening for LITTLE. The biggest problems with BIG then was its originality. Yes we have had body swap films before but this was the boy to man progress. A key stage in life for anyone and it captured how that defines a person, both in persona and in identity. It is about growing as a person via aging. LITTLE takes this idea and flips it. Now the position is growing by reflecting on that which defined you as a child and as such moving from old to young. You can get a lot out of this. Pschoanalysis has its roots in this. The consequences of translating this is very difficult to translate but does LITTLE do this and is it funny?

Well yes it is. It is a fresh look on an old theme. It is possibly the best comedy bodyswap, old to young film ever made (albeit possible one of a very few). It cleverly tells its story. Taking the angle of gender, race, work and identity. It then mixes these themes with some very witty ideas about relationships. Tag all of this with a very funny script (which benefits from three very good actors in Hall, Rae and producer/ star Marsai Martin) and you have a great feature for the cast. The chemistry between the women works really well and when they are present together it works really well. Director Gordon plays on this chemistry with skill. Letting them play out scenes and jokes without shifting camera or focus. Where it does lack is it runs too long and has heavy plot details that are not necessary. In the end it is a story about how childhood can leave so much baggage in adulthood. Then adds to this that also it can be a source optimism in revisiting in later life