The 25-year-old actress has said the favourite thing about her career is how quickly she can form “relationships” with her co-stars, because it often only takes her half a week to become close friends with those she works with.

Speaking to Laura Dern for Dazed magazine’s Winter 2019 issue, she said: “One of the things I like about acting is the relationships you can form when you’re working, especially between actors. You could meet someone on the Monday and by Wednesday you’ll have kissed them, you’ll have hugged them, you’ll have danced with them, they’ll have seen you in a corset or an underdress or a pair of boxer shorts.”

And the ‘French Dispatch’ star also shared kind words with Laura, as she praised the other actress for “getting” her.
She added: “I’ve told you many times that the impact you’ve had on me is something I’ll never forget. We get each other. I do think there’s something about people who started off acting when they were very young and continued to do it. We both had these careers very early on where we were the young people in more adult films.”

One connection Saoirse is pleased to have made through acting is her bond with Timothee Chalamet, after starring with him in both ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Little Women’.

Speaking previously of the actor, she said: "He keeps me on my toes - I'm never quite sure what he's going to do next. That only progressed more and grew more. It helped that we do have a very natural rapport with each other ... These two characters physically need to be very comfortable with one another. They're literally intertwined for half the film."

But Saoirse won’t be able to make new friends for the next few months, as she recently revealed she’s taking a career break until the "absolute right thing" comes along.

She explained: "I'll wait for the right thing to come along. It's lovely to be in a position at this moment where I can wait for the absolute right thing.”