The premise of a third world war between the US and Russia these days isn’t that preposterous but a US Government project to create human/pig hybrid and create super-soldiers, possibly is.

Anyway 25 years after the war, and after the US and Russians combined might has failed to control the mutants, mutated hybrids (Muzzles) are now in charge and have no compunction about eating humans and animals, indeed they farm humans.

Naturally there is a resistance movement that is under pressure from the Muzzles and to make headway bounty-hunter Rob Justice (Timur Turisbekov) is set to try and find the Muzzles secrets and destroy them and thus begins his mission.
This is an odd, vaguely enjoyable, ultra-violent film that uses Danny Trejo in flashbacks for a few short scenes then kills him off. It’s extremely grubby in appearance, shot on the usual post-apocalyptic demolition sites with characters that no one is going to have much sympathy for. Save one but they are killed off and we are left with the likes of Rob’s sister Nina (Yana Marinova) who is a grungy as anyone else in the picture and sports a moustache!

Valeri Millev as director (co-written with Timur Turisbekov) appear to the trying to wring out a grotesque comedy here with ludicrous characters (Benedict Asshole?) with various plot twists and a final dance off. The problem is that it is far too rancid and unpleasant, in particular the butchers’ scenes, for it to be really successful. That’s true of the sci-fi with the time-travel and various other things going on that just clog up the very short running time.